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My Books

I write fairytales about the real world (so I can draw them, too). Click the thumbnails below to learn about my upcoming projects.

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GRAPHIC NOVEL -- Oni Press, Coming 2025

Manuela Villanueva is a young, queer Puerto Rican music producer at the height of a lucrative career when she learns she is the last in a line of powerful mediums capable of channelling vast spiritual energy. She must now master her gifts to defend the barrio she left behind from a series of mysterious arson attacks –– before everything she holds dear goes up in smoke.

ADULT FICTION –– Erewhon Books, Coming 2025

When Benigno "Benny" Caldera is tasked with building a one-of-a-kind aquatic tank for Morgan’s Menagerie of Human Oddities at their upcoming Coney Island installation, he ends up roped into kidnapping its intended inhabitant: an ocean-eyed merman with copper hair, pewter skin, and a grudge against humanity. Compelled to care for the creature he helped cage, Benny joins the Menagerie, where its seasoned crew of curiosities adopts him as one of their own. But as his affection for the merman in the tank grows, Benny must reckon with the forces that have held him captive as well.

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